• Tutorial - Double-Sided Cards

    Starting with Card Creatr Studio 1.4.0, you can make a layout for both the front and the back of every card. This page explains how to make double-sided cards.

  • Case Study - Ruby Hunters

    My second tutorial entry is a case study on how I used Card Creatr Studio to draft cards for a prototype of mine, called Ruby Hunters. You will learn about asset management, card-specific template customization, dropdown fields, and custom card dimensions.

  • Tutorial - Building Blocks

    I’m pleased to introduce my first tutorial entry, focused on the core building blocks: shapes, images, and text. You will learn how to create and align these core building blocks to create your own custom template in Card Creatr Studio. I also introduce variables and basic scripting.

  • Tutorial Series

    Several users have asked for tutorials on how to use Card Creatr Studio’s powerful templating engine for card layout. I am pleased to announce plans to create a series of short tutorials exploring how I used Card Creatr Studio to create a game of mine, Amusement City.

  • About Me

    My name is Shane. As an amateur board game designer, I found that there was a lack of a simple program to both organize your cards in a database and lay them out for printing. I first tried using InDesign, but it requires studying hours of tutorials in order to master. I tried FileMaker, but it didn’t have the kind...